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About Us

We are brothers, Anton and John, passionate knife sharpeners.

Knife production, sharpening, and general care of knives are among our biggest hobbies. We especially like traditional Japanese knives.

We like to learn new knowledge about knives, so we established this website. At, you will find everything related to knives, their sharpening, maintenance, and much other useful information. We hope you find this helpful site!

Website’s Expert Supervision

Articles published on this website are written by real knife experts or under their supervision. So let’s introduce them!


Frank bought my first knife at seven years old, using pocket money he had saved for months. Since then, he has developed a fascination for knives of all types.

Frank grew up outdoors in Africa, where a good knife is necessary. His interest in knives progressed to learning how to make and sharpen his own knives.

Expertise in making and working with knives was gained by taking an introduction to bladesmithing course with a master blacksmith and knifemaker, Neels van den Berg, at Black Dragon Forge, and have been making his own knives ever since.


Andy Gardner brands himself as a “Creator of Fine Knives”. This is a title that anyone who has purchased his lovingly crafted knives will attest to. 

Often disappointed with the quality of many knives he bought, Andy decided to do it himself. What started as a hobby soon became a common passion.

He joined a KZN Knife Makers Club (Formerly the North Coast Knife Makers Club), soon realizing there was much to learn. This took his passion and skills to new heights.

Since retiring in 2016, Andy has taken to making bespoke knives with vigor. He is a perfectionist who strives to make quality knives that will last decades, look great, and function well. With many years of experience, he has consistently improved, and his knives are functional and durable and could be described as a work of art. 

Besides quality knife making, Andy is an accomplished artist, among other passions. Each knife is made with heart and soul, which can be seen in his work.